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This ain't from The Onion either, folks...

...It's actually from Yahoo! and AP TV news.

Monica Lewinsky Joins Reality TV Ranks

Which begs the question:

Since when did she ever leave the Ranks of Reality TV?!? (sarcasm)If memory serves me right

Hold on... Let me ...fight... against... the lack of a national memory.... that the Privatized Ministry Of Propaganda known as Corporate TV... has done its be ...est... to... foster...

Ah. Here we are.

If memory serves me right, she was in this reality TV show 5 years or so back where she entrapped the President Of The United States of America. It was one of the top-rated shows around, and everybody knew it was fake, even the folks who tried to use it as perjury evidence in a sexual-harassment trial completely unrelated to this reality TV show. (I really wish I knew what the name of that show was...darn...)(/sarcasm)

In any case, Lewinsky was the Kelly Clarkson of her day. And apparently still is: It looks like cashing in on her notoriety is still pretty much her bread and butter.

Ah, the 1990s...them carefree days of yore when we could afford to ignore the 94% of the world whose resources we hog. When launching a pre-emptive strike against Osama Bin Laden was considered a manufactured distraction from what was really important-- namely the investigation of a consensual romance that at worse might have violated DC oral sex laws. Oh, how I long for the absurd White House decadence the Democratic Party provided back in that day, instead of the lamestain, dumb-assed, moralistic decadence of this Republican-controlled White House...
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