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American Mass Media Declares Iraq Victory. U.S. To "Formally" Catch Up in Victory-Declaring.

U.S. to formally declare Iraq victory

Y'know, ideology-baiting headlines like these make it durn hard for the liberal to do his/her job. If one makes the very salient point that there wasn't Peace in Iraq, there is not Peace in Iraq and as long as our leaders keep our soldiers in Iraq never will be Peace in Iraq, then one is accused of Hating America. One presumably has no Common Cause at all with the right, which, of course, Loves America.

But actually, one does. Both the Left and Right Hate The Mass Media And Hate The Mass Media With A Passion.

And I would submit that they have every right to fervently hate any Mass Media corporation larger than at least, say, Joseph Pulitzer's William Randolph Hearst's. Whom 105 years ago this very month infamously replied to one of his news-illustrators who was getting bored in Cuba, words to the effect "You supply the pictures, I'll supply the War."

This stupid MSNBC headline provides yet more proof that this hatred is justified. Essentially, it makes the argument that since the War Is All But Over, there really isn't any major reason to be concerned about Iraq or Iraqis and America can move on to more important issues. Like whether Laci Peterson was a Ho or if this SARS thing will kill us all. Yet check the very next sentence:

Meanwhile, long-time Iraqi exile Ahmad Chalabi, who is back in Iraq, endorsed a U.S. military occupation of the country for as long as two years, even as some Iraqis took to the streets to protest the U.S. presence.

(sarcasm)You know, I really didn't read the rest of the article and I'm really not gonna go into it, either. Because whomever crafted this report didn't do a very professional job; they should have embedded this Actually Important Information deeper in the article. Or at least have the courage to shift any implied responsibilities of What The General Feeling Of How Much We're Gonna Really Be Involved In Iraq Is to one of the few likable Republican Senators like Ms. Zakaria of Yahoo! did.

The editors of the Cold-War era Pravda are undoubtedly rolling in their graves in professional dismay. Because true warriors, be the war Hot or Cold, would like nothing more than their enemy to be worthy of them, and judging by this and other articles, America's Propaganda Capabilities are decaying fast. No doubt making them dead Soviet editors wondering why they lost the Cold War on the Propaganda front...(/sarcasm)
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